White Beauty - Whitening Uv Day Cream ( France )

White Beauty - Whitening Uv Day Cream ( France )
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White Beauty - Whitening UV Day Cream 20ml

Firming, Lightening, Moisturizer, Whitening

Extracted from the essence of natural plant and combined with the latest skin-cell-imitate technoloy,

It forms a protective coating on the skin against ultraviolet so as to fully carry out the function of whitening, while at the same time it effectively diminishes dark spost, freckles together with other precipitate pigmentations, removes yellow coloration and acne marks.

The unique plant moisturing cell contributes to moisturize skin and revent excessive sebum secretion to promote regeneration process to firm skin and to smooth wrinkles.

Dayly usage promises you a refined white skin with natural brightness and clarity.