Vionna Whitening Cream Set

Vionna Whitening Cream Set
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Vionna Whitening Cream Set:

1- Vionna Whitening Day Cream 1- Vionna Whitening Night Cream

Using Vionna Whitening Day Cream will whiten the skin and give it a younger radiant look.

Vionna Whitening Night Cream is designed to moisturize the skin at night and exfoliate old skin which has become dark and discolored over time.

Mild acids and protein enzymes gently remove skin cells avoiding excessive irritation.

The deep fibrin activity stimulate the skin cells to breakdown melanin which is something that gives the skin its natural color.

This process helps relieve black spots and freckles to whiten the skin.Using Vionna Whitening Night Cream will augment the whitening effects of the Vionna Day Cream and make the skin feel soft and look young again.