Valanna Whitening & Monsepa Set / Exp: 2025

Valanna Whitening & Monsepa Set / Exp: 2025
Item# valanna-whitening-amp-monsepa-set--exp-2025
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Valanna Whitening & Monsepa Set. 1- Monsepa Express Peeling, 15ml. 1- Valanna Day Cream, 15ml. 1- Valanna Night Cream, 15ml

MONSEPA brings New and improve whitening peeling product, freshness, smooth, young and healthy looking to the skin of your face. It eventually removes even the deepest types of freckles, dark spots, wrinkles and yellow spots from your face. Monsepa is effectively eradication and even out acne scars.

Valanna Day Cream contains natural bearberry and hormones extracted from many herbs to coordinate antimicrobial agents, elastin, anti-aging agents, revitalin, enzymes, and Vitamin A, D, E. Coordination of these ingredients help to dissolve and eliminate black spots, freckles and pimples caused by bacterial infection.