Pola Whitissimo Milk

Pola Whitissimo Milk
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Pola Whitissimo Milk

1.6 fl.oz ( 50ml )

Melts deep into the skin, resulting a soft and smooth skin that is not greasy to the touch.

WHITISSIMO is the staple of POLA's advanced technology, promotes skin clarity.

POLA's unique formulation of Achillea Extract and Sophora Root Extract & works on tact during the sun damage process to enhance purity to the skin.

This nighttime moisturizer forms a moisture veil on the skin without oily feel.

It gently soothes skin exposed to UV rays, freckled skin and discolored skin.

Works gently to lighten hyperpigmentation without abrasive chemicals such as hydroquinone.

Also contains rose water, orange flower water, magnesium, glycerin, horse chestnut seed extract, arnica, Sophora Root and Achillea extracts to hydrate, lighten, soothe and protect skin naturally.

Directions: Pola Whitissimo Milk Dispense 1 pump onto the palm and gently smooth over the entre face.

Apply plenty onto dry areas and less over the oily areas.

Cup the face with the palms to help the milk penetrate into the skin.