Pola Whitissimo Clear Cake B73 (Refill )

Pola Whitissimo Clear Cake B73 (Refill )
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Pola Whitissimo Clear Cake B73 (Refill )

12gr / .4 fl.oz

Lady wear makeup for an average of 12.5hours a day. This is longer than the time you sleep.

With this in mind, it is vital to incorporate brightening skincare with the makeup.

WHITISSIMO Clear Cake allows brightening ingredients to continue penetrating the skin.

WHITISSIMO works to bring you a fine translucent finish as well as to brighten the skin under the SUN.

Resistant to strong sunlight, this is a long lasting foundation that will not smudge.

CLEAR CAKE gives a fresh and fine textured finish while covering any blemishes with a single application.

* Water Proof

* Long lasting

* Case with UV sensor

* Fragrance free

* Allergy tested