POLA Sakura Veil LOTION II ( Normal to Oily Skin )

POLA Sakura Veil LOTION  II ( Normal to Oily Skin )
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Pola Sakura Veil Lotion Il( Normal To Oily Skin )

5. fl.oz.( 150ml )

** Promotes fine textured skin like blooming 'sakura' flower petals with its soothing and hydrating formula

** Formulated with Japanese traditional extracts, it helps skin develop strength to withstand environmental elements and maintain its healthy look

** Refreshing lotion leaves skin soft and fresh

** Replenishes and maintains skin's refined texture* Sakura Flower : Help your skin become softer, more moisturized and help to calm down inflammation.

* Green Tea Extract : Is picked from the first tea leaves of the season, it contains vitamin C and provides an anti-oxidant action.

* Rice Bran Extract: Creates a barrier for the skin, protecting it, and helping it to stay hydrated.

This enriched lotion leaves skin supple and soft. Replenishes and maintains skin�s refined texture.