Pola Polissima Moisture Milk S

Pola Polissima Moisture Milk S
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Pola Polisima Moisture Milk S. (Normal to Oily Skin) 3. fl .oz. (98ml) Non-greasy, easily absorbed moisturizer. Helps prevent moisture loss and maintain skinís moisture balance. Helps prevent moisture loss and maintain skin's moisture balance. Light, non-greasy and easily absorbed. Can be used at night and during The day under makeup. Main Features

Ginseng Extract: Regarded as a medicine for anti-aging and everlasting life for more than 2000 years of Chinese medicine history.

Ginseng extract helps improve metabolism and blood circulation to maintain healthly and glowing skin.

N-Placenta: A natural substance with amazing properties that actually resists the aging process by assisting skin cell renewal for clear, fine-textured skin.

POLA imports N-Placenta from West Germany.

How To Use:

Apply a quarter-sized amount of moisturizer to hands and apply evenly to the face and neck.