POLA Polissima Emollient Cream S

POLA Polissima Emollient Cream S
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Pola Polisima Emollient Cream S.

1. fl.oz. (30ml )

Forms an extra rich protective shield that decreases moisture evaporation and helps to refine skin texture.

Only the very best ingredients including Korean Ginseng combine to restore suppleness and vitality to the skin.

This exceptional cream is the highest quality and is so light soft and soothing that you will feel the benefits instantly!

Provides a rich shield to minimise moisture evaporation and protect skin from harmful elements. Excellent for:

Matured, dried, dehydrated, wrinkled, and damaged skin. Main Features

Ginseng Extract: Regarded as a medicine for anti-aging and everlasting life for more than 2000 years of Chinese medicine history.

Ginseng extract helps improve metabolism and blood circulation to maintain healthly and glowing skin.

N-Placenta: A natural substance with amazing properties that actually resists the aging process by assisting skin cell renewal for clear, fine-textured skin.

POLA imports N-Placenta from West Germany.