POLA Creatage Excellent

POLA Creatage Excellent
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1.4 fl.oz.

A new era of products that focus on the link between the Skin and Soul.

Take some time to look back at when you were in love for the first time… the feeling of love brought a natural glow from within and this was reflected on your face.

Creatage Excellent awakens the natural ability to display your inner beauty by connecting the Skin and Soul.

The IFSCC, also known as the Olympics of Cosmetics, awarded POLA with its highest award for scientifically proving that there is a close relationship between Skin and Soul.

Creatage Excellent was then based on this theory proving that when there is a positive feeling a special glow appears in the skin.

Main Features


* THE AQUA FIT TEXTURE EFFECT Smooth spread obtained from the ingredients Amino Emollient & Silicon helps skin feel moist and smooth in the surface without the sticky sensation. * THE MULTI - CARRY FORMULA EFFECT With the best balanced formula of Amino Emollient & Silicon you can achieve “comfortable texture” and “high absorbency”

Ingredients Formulated with Centella Asiatica Extract, Poria Cocos Extract, Botanical Energizing Extract, EL (epidermal water loss) Blocker, S-BA Liquid (complex hydrating Ingredient), C.D- Pantetheine (Pantetheine derivatives, hydrating ingredients).


A rich luxurious cream that helps satisfy all your skin’s needs and protects against aging.

This sheer looking cream with a tender pink tone that is comfortable to the touch, spreads easily and blends as if melting into the skin.

You will enjoy and feel relaxed with the aqua flora fragrance that includes lily of the valley and jasmine.

Creatage Excellent helps replenish hydration, creating a radiant glow and firmer skin that is velvety smooth to the touch.