POLA- B..A. RED Wash

POLA- B..A. RED Wash
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POLA- B..A. RED Wash

3.5 FL.OZ / 100G


A Pre Bio effect that creates a solid base for beauty ingredients to penetrate the skin by softening the rough stratum corneum with a highly effective emollient.

Product function

Foam is created in an amazing speed. A firm and rich foam but soft and gentle on the skin. Works deep into pores and furrows to thoroughly rid impurities and leave the skin feeling refreshed after rinsing.

Skin afterwards

Supple condition where pores are not a concern.

Jumping red beauty. From the cheek toward the V-shaped. Focused on the collagen structure tension, entry of aging care line.

* fresh floral scent of green procurement

* pre-allergy test