POLA- B.A. RED Cream

POLA- B.A. RED Cream
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1.FL.OZ / 30ML


Ursolic Acid Derivative RD is highly formulated. With the Collagen Bio-Active effect, wrinkles and sagging conditions are improved.

Product function

A soft cream which gently spreads and smoothly becomes one with the skin. The Boosting Oil melts out and completely seals the skin helping beauty ingredients penetrate deep within the skin.

Skin afterwards.

Supple yet firm. Jumping red beauty. From the cheek toward the V-shaped. Focused on the collagen structure tension, entry of aging care line.

It deep into the stratum corneum is a soft cream, feel the needle on the cheek. The high blend "RD ursolic acid" original moisturizing. Spread onto the skin floaty moment, sealing the oil cosmetic ingredients have melted. You grant your skin elasticity.

* Fresh floral scent of green procurement

* Pre-allergy test

To Use : Please use care center in the evening. After you prepare your skin with milk, pick up a 1 pearl grain, put (on both cheeks, forehead, nose, chin) face five points, an appropriate amount and gently rub the entire outward from within.