Noevir Toning Lotion

Noevir Toning Lotion
Item# noevir-toning-lotion


Noevir Clear Toning Lotion

4. fl.oz

Nobody has to know about your slight imperfections.

Clear Control skincare gently and quickly treats teenage blemishes and breakouts without the harsh, stripping ingredients you remember from your youth.

And forget those white spot creams.

Clear Blemish Gel provides invisible, on-the-spot protection day or night.

Skin Types & Conditions:

Best suited for normal-to-very-oily skin prone to blemishes and acne.

Replace the cleansing and balancing steps of your regular Noevir skincare line with Clean Wash and Toning Lotion until blemishes have cleared.

Apply Blemish Gel as needed