Noevir Tokara Sea Mineral Conditioner

Noevir Tokara Sea Mineral Conditioner
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700ml / 23.6 fl.oz.

Noevir Tokara Sea Mineral Conditioner

Our popular Tokara Sea Mineral series has been reformulated!

The new products include Screwpine fruit extract to help retain essential moisture, as well as new algae extracts, which help fight free radicals and protect against environmental damage.

By combining the bounty of the sea with beneficial botanical extracts, these products are formulated to provide gentle cleansing

Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the East China Sea, the Tokara Islands are an unspoiled paradise encircled by possibly the world's purest waters.

From the Tokara Sea to you, Noevir delivers this rich bounty of sea minerals and marine extracts to leave you hair soft, healthy and shiny. Suitable for all hair types.

Gentle enough for daily use.