Noevir- Face Powder Lucent

Noevir- Face Powder Lucent
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Face Powder Lucent 1.1 oz Beauty Beyond Skin Deep

A loose powder that creates a matte finish over foundation to help keep makeup looking fresh longer. Translucent, ultra-soft formula to compliment the color of your favorite foundation. Micro fine particles to blend with the color of foundation. The powder may look light just after application, but allow some time to blend in well with the foundation. The particles have characteristic to absorb oil quickly and become translucent.

Features and Benefits:

Collagen: Coated loose powder creates a smooth and lasting finish over foundation while keeping the moisture. Squalane: To smooth the skin and prevent moisture from escaping. Jojoba Oil: To provide skin moisturizing and conditioning. Marigold (Calendula): To help skin feel soft and smooth.