Noevir Cordyceps Sinensis

Noevir Cordyceps Sinensis
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Features and Benefits:

Newly formulated to boost absorption and effectiveness: Enzymatic treatment extraction is used to increase the potency while improving absorption of highly concentrated New Ultra-fine powder processing: The soft and ultra-fine powder gives pleasant mouth feel and easier digestion for optimum results.

Contains only highest quality of natural Tibetan Cordyceps: There are about 400 kinds of Cordyceps discovered worldwide, however wild grown Tibetan Cordycpes are the rarest kind of all; continuously growing global demand, combined with other issues such as political and regional challenges lead to even more scarcity and difficulties in obtaining the raw supply.

Newly formulated with more mushroom extracts: Each stick now contains 213 mg.(an increase from 180 mg.) of Tibetan Cordyceps sinensis extracts, carefully selected for the highest quality. No need to brew. Dissolves easily in water and the effective ingredients are easily delivered to your body.

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