Noevir Biosign Inner SerumTreatment

Noevir Biosign Inner SerumTreatment
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Noevir BioSign Inner Treatment Anti-aging Special Treatment 1.52 fl.oz

Inspired by the skin�s own youth gene, BIOSIGN Inner Treatment is an advanced formula designed to stimulate skin�s natural recovery process by boosting its cellular power. A truly innovative formula that helps to maximize and reactivate skin�s rejuvenation process, this powerful serum helps to achieve a healthy, youthful complexion, resulting in significantly improved texture, tone, elasticity and radiance. The light serum quickly penetrates deep into the skin, enhancing absorption, while multiplying the benefits of all other treatment products. Ideal for every skin type, including sensitive skin. For anyone who wants to boost and restore skin�s natural capabilities to fight against signs of premature aging.

Features and Benefits:

* Jujube fruit extract: Used for over 4,000 years in Chinese Traditional Medicine, this fruit extract is considered to be a powerhouse of nutrients with many health-promoting benefits. Its unique set of nutrients play an important role in improving skin�s resilience, while resisting premature aging. In BIOSIGN, it is used together with a multitude of herbs and botanicals to help stimulate skin�s cell activities to recover youthful-looking skin.

* Japanese rose fruit extract:Native to Eastern China, Japan and Korea, this unique rose bears small and bright red rosehips that are rich in skin-rejuvenating nutrients. Well-known for its effective ingredients to correct and recover signs of aging, such as wrinkles and sagging skin, by increasing the speed of skin�s cellular activity.

* Microcapsule Emulsion Technology: The emulsion complex, tightly packed with active ingredients, is coated with Ceramide, allowing efficient penetration and delivery of active ingredients where they are utilized. Its absorption rate is increased in greater level when used in combination with other skincare treatment products.