Noevir Advanced Moisture Concentrate- EX

Noevir Advanced Moisture Concentrate- EX
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Advanced Moisture Concentrate-EX

Soften the Traces of Time

1.2 fl.oz

The very latest skincare technology, this delicate serum provides intense hydration to combat the fine lines and dryness that are visible signs of premature aging.

AMC EX features a newly discovered, highly effective ingredient, Extra Licorice Extract, and a moisture-holding structure, Aqua Lamella Structure- which give it its astounding hydration properties.

* All skin types.

* Those with skin that has signs of premature aging.

* Those with dryness.

Features and Benefits:

Extra Licorice Extract Helps retain more moisture in the skins horny layer. Aqua Lamella Structure Holds moisture in the skin.

Vitamin E (Tocopherol) An anti-oxidant that helps promote skins metabolism Parsley Extract Neutralizes free radicals to protect skin from effects of premature aging