Monsepa And Vionna Whitening Cream Set

Monsepa And Vionna Whitening Cream Set
Item# monsepa-and-vionna-whitening-cream-set
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Monsepa And Vionna Whitening Cream Set:

1- Monsepa Express Peeling Night 1- Vionna Whitening Day Cream 1 Vionna Whitening Night Cream

Vionna brings freshness, smooth, young and healthy looking to the skin of your face. It eventually removes even the deepest types of freckles, dark spots, butterfly spatches and yellow spots from your face. Vionna is specially effective to eradicate and even out acne scars.

Facial cream Monsepa helps revive the skin and remote metabolism. It cleans off dirt, oil and make up. It makes your skin tender and white, brings freshness, healthy beauty to your face and gives you good feeling and self confidence.

Apply them continuously for from 21 to 28 days.