Lancome Tresoir Eau De Parfume Spray 3.4fl oz

Lancome Tresoir Eau De Parfume Spray 3.4fl oz
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Lancome Tresor Eau de Parfum Spray 3.4 fl.oz Tresor by Lancome has celebrated 20 years on the market already since its introduction in 1990.

An exceptionally recognizable and generous fragrance

Tresor melds the most feminine notes in all of perfumery in its memorable wake: the beauty of rose, the clean elegance of muguet, the tender touch of apricot blossom and peach, all sprinkled with notes of lilac, sandalwood, musk and vanilla accounting for a prolonged, unforgettable experience.

Its perfumer, the legendary Sophia Grojsman, described it as a “hug me” fragrance and who could resist its charms under a full moon or worn with a curve-hugging cashmere dress?

The striking upside-down pyramid-shaped bottle houses a peachy, amber-colored jus complimented by a square black cap fitting in the cusp of your hand like an extension of your feminine prowess.