Feiya Whitening Cream Set (3pcs)

Feiya Whitening Cream Set (3pcs)
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Feiya Whitening Cream Set (3 pcs)

1 - Day Cream, 15ml

1 - Night Cream, 15ml

1 - Feiya Cleansing Lotion

The Feiya Whitening Series Set comes in Day, Night Cream and Feiya Cleansing Lotion with full sized bottles

All products are recommended to achieve a whitening effect and combined a great value.

Feiya Day Cream contains micro pearl extracts which increases blood circulation in the skin to accelerate the growth of new skin cells.

The formation of new skin cells results in a smooth and radiant complexion.

Feiya Day Cream has additional sun screen agents to preserve the integrity of newly formed skin by protecting it from the sunís damaging rays.

Feiya Night Cream provides moisturizing nutrients to hydrate the skin after a long day of exposure to the drying effects of the sunís heat.

By moisturizing the skin, Feiya Night Cream helps to resist the formation of fine lines which eventually become wrinkles.

Feiya Night Cream also contains an ingredient to exfoliate old skin to allow new soft skin to grow. Related Products - Feiya